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Isaac Update

Many of you wrote in to let us know that we at Tranquility Bay were in your thoughts as Tropical Storm Isaac approached us here in Marathon. We appreciated all your kind words immensely and are pleased to report that our resort suffered no damage and we are back to business as usual. If you’re planning on visiting us this week/end, you can expect no delays or discomforts from the storm whatsoever.

Amidst your emails were a few frantic messages about the adopted cat family we have here on the property– where would they go in the event of a hurricane? We’re happy to comment that the livelihood of these cats is just as important to us as you, and that they were moved to a secure shelter in case of flooding.

The cats were, of course, less than pleased about this arrangement, preferring their usual sun patches over a kennel. We have since apologized profusely to them for the discomfort caused in the evacuation process. They are playing it cool, as usual.

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Forecast for Marathon

With Isaac in town, we haven’t been out on the beach lately, sticking to indoor movies and board games instead. This week’s forecast looks to be a continuation of the thundery gusts and indecisive skies we’ve been seeing these past couple of days. Expect more rain, wind and general gloominess to persist through the weekend, with intermittent watery sunshine making a possible appearance towards the end of the week. Those of you brave enough to get out on the water can expect hearty swells and winds, though the fish don’t seem to mind and have been showing up for those bold enough to try their luck at fishing. One thing’s for sure: regardless of the rain, the temperature is set to hover at a summery 90 degrees all week!

We hope you find a way to enjoy yourselves this week…keep dry, and swing by the front desk at our lovely Tranquility Bay Resort to inquire as to which rainy day activities our agents recommend.

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Weather Forecast For Tranquility Bay


We have to smile every time we see a forecast like this week’s …. it really doesn’t get any better than this for a week at the beach or out on the water! With temperatures between the 80’s and low 90’s and sunny skies predicted to hang around all week, we’re packing up our beach bag and heading to the pool to stake out some prime beach chairs. And the low winds and relatively low chance of rain mean it’s an extra great time to get out on the water for fishing, sailing, jet-skiing, you name it!

As always, remember that our sunny days can be extra scorching, so load up on the SPF and try to hit the beach after the hottest part of the day (between 10am and 2pm is especially sizzling, so that’s a great time to hit the shade of the Tiki Bar for an ice cold drink and some tasty bites.)

If there’s any special trip you’d like to plan, be it a fishing charter or a sunset sail, stop by the front desk here at Tranquility Bay and speak to one of our superstar agents. They’ll be happy to help you and your family find the perfect way to celebrate such a fabulous forecast.



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Weekly Forecast

Get ready for a sweltering and sunny week! Temperatures are expected to rest near 90 degrees from today through Friday, with isolated thunderstorms hanging around this afternoon through tomorrow evening. Wednesday through Friday are looking like excellent beach days, so start staking out your favorite pool chair now!  Today’s medium strength winds should die down by the evening, with light gusts of between 5 and 10 mph expected for the rest of the week– that means this week should be perfect for getting out on the ocean. Whether it’s fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing or simply a leisurely swim, now is the time to get some salt water on your face! (Just remember to wear sunblock and drink plenty of fluids…nothing puts a damper on a vacation like heatstroke.)

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Weekend Forecast

Your weekend forecast has arrived, and in typical summer style it’s all over the place! Today’s cloudy morning may break for a bit of sun, but scattered thunderstorms are scheduled to pop up the rest of the weekend, with sunny skies in-between. Temperatures are expected to hover in the high 80’s during the day, with evenings coming down a few degrees to the low 80’s. Humidity will continue to linger in the high 65% – 70% range, with the UV index at an intense 10-11 all weekend. That means that sunburns are possible even through clouds, so remember to be safe and reapply SPF on you and your loved ones’ exposed skin! Here’s hoping the scattered thunderstorms clear up a little earlier than forecasted and we have a few perfect beach days ahead of us.

As always, enjoy your weekend here at beautiful Tranquility Bay!

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What a perfect beach day!

Today sounds like the perfect day to relax on the beach and catch up on our reading… highs in the 80’s, mostly sunny with the occasional cloud, and winds at a low 5 – 10mph.

See you on the sand!

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Friday Forecast

Though it’s mostly cloudy now, with temperatures that feel closer to the 90’s than the 80’s, today’s forecast looks promising. Clouds look to be moving off, and while the chance of precipitation is still hovering at about 30%, winds are looking milder than they were at the beginning of the week. Today’s looking like a great day to get out on the water, with the partial clouds offering a respite from the sun as temperatures stay sweltering. As the fishing stays top-notch, now is a great time to get out there and start throwing lines into the water. If you don’t have your gear or would like a more specialized day of fishing, ask the staff at Tranquility Bay’s front desk to recommend a charter! And don’t forget to load up on the sunscreen today– cloudy skies will still dole out a scorching sunburn if you’re not careful.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Marathon Fishing Report

If there’s one good thing about stormy weather (and believe us, we’re looking for any bright spot in this sea of gloom) it’s that after the storm passes and the squall is over, the fishing is always especially excellent. After the last 10 days of rain and wind the fishing report for the next week looks fantastic, with Dolphin and Tuna being found in abundance offshore, while inshore catches of Grouper, Jacks and Snapper (as well as sharks) are being reported as very good. As always, if you’re at a loss as to which style of fishing or charter boat is right for you and your family, stop in at our front desk at ask one of our Tranquility Bay agents to assist you in choosing the right trip! Our staff is knowledgeable and would love to help.

Good luck out there…

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Weather Report: Weekend of 6/14 – 6/17

Today’s weather looks beautiful, with calm winds and partial-to-mostly sunny skies scheduled for the remainder of the day. It’s a beautiful day to be out on the water, especially for those who might be partial to seasickness when the waters are choppy. Swells should be quite small today, so now is a great time to take that JetSki out for a spin!

Tomorrow will certainly be a scorcher, after which scattered thunderstorms & showers might stick around for the weekend. So take advantage of the beautiful weather today and tomorrow! You’ll be glad you did.

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Weather Forecast, Week of May 21-27

This week’s weather looks to be a continuation of last week’s fickle forecast, with scattered thunderstorms predicted to break up the sunshine for the next seven days. Tuesday looks to be one of the wettest, with a 60% chance of precipitation all day. Thursday should be clearer, and might be the perfect day to steal away to either Sombrero or Coco Plum beach  for a few rays of sun. Going into the weekend the rain looks to be sticking around, with precipitation hovering at about 50%. This is a great week to venture out with an umbrella and explore some of Marathon’s best sites, like the Dolphin Research Center or the Turtle Hospital. Or why not suit up and check out some of the great dive spots offshore? After all, a little rain never hurts if you’re busy underwater! We like the Tilden Scuba Center, which even offers dive classes for children.

To learn more about which activity might suit you and your family best, speak to your friendly front desk agents.

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