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New Year, New Theatre!


Mark your calendars: There’s new theatre happening in the new year! And you’ll definitely want to see it…

Tranquility Bay is excited to announce a new show premiering on the Marathon stage that will begin January 11th!

Marathon Community Theatre is proud to present Gordon Ross Cabaret. Audiences will be delighted by the musical stylings of one of the Florida Keys’ most celebrated vocalists, Gordon Ross, who will perform his newest cabaret show on the Marathon Community Theatre stage for the first time! From jazz to contemporary, there’s something for everyone in this show.

Visit http://www.marathontheater.org/ for details & tickets.

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You’ve cleared away the wrapping paper and are dreading the inevitable pine needle sweep that must follow taking down the Christmas tree. But when all is said and done, did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?

We don’t mean jewelry and computer games, of course. We mean a spontaneous, luxurious vacation to our stunning property here in Marathon, Florida! Maybe you want a little more time with your loved ones (bring them along!) or else all that forced family time has you itching for a getaway. Whatever your reason, if your holiday present haul this year didn’t include a stay at our beautiful Marathon resort, we suggest you take matters into your own hands.

Check out our January deals, which make booking your last-minute trip to Tranquility Bay a breeze –>   http://bit.ly/W6ZL0W

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End of the world…

In case the world really does end tonight, we’re happy you chose to spend your last day on earth here with us at Tranquility Bay Resort. We believe that there’s no better way to kiss this world goodbye than with a tropical drink at TJ’s while watching the sunset. So join us on the beach tonight, and if the world decides to keep on spinning– well, we’ll see you there tomorrow night as well.

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Christmas at Tranquility’s Butterfly Cafe

Did you know that Tranquility Bay is offering its famous Christmas Buffet on Christmas Day this year? It’s definitely the best place to spend your Christmas in Marathon, Florida.

This mouth-watering spread is only offered once a year, and reservations are required to guarantee you and your family a seat– so call us now to reserve your spot! You can reach The Butterfly Cafe by calling 305-289-7177.

Check out the menu below…

Christmas Dinner 2012

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What a beautiful week to be in Marathon!

We just got a look at the forecast for this week here in Marathon, Florida and it looks too good to be true! With minimal humidity, easy winds, temperatures in the low 80’s and sunshine forecasted for the rest of the week it is truly a great time to be in paradise.

Though Friday might show us a few intermittent cooling rain spells, today through Thursday is the perfect time to explore all that our beautiful Marathon hotel has to offer– whether it’s water sports, beach activities, fishing charters or just hanging out by the pool, we know that you and your family are bound to have a fantastic time this week.

Be sure to ask our front desk agents here at Tranquility Bay to recommend some activities that would best suit you and your family’s needs. We’re here to help!

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What a smile…

One of our employees here at Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort wanted to share this photo of a toothy barracuda that he caught (and released!) recently.

We spoke to you yesterday about what a fun fight these guys put up in the water, but we also love staring into their terrifying mouths after we’ve reeled them in — look at those teeth!

We hope you get to take advantage of the beautiful warm weather on this weekend’s forecast. Whether you’re out battling your own barracuda, helping your kids build a sandcastle down by the ocean or simply lazing by the pools here at Tranquility Bay, we wish you a relaxing, happy weekend!

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Mark your calendars: the Lighted Boat Parade is coming!

For more than fifteen years Middle Keys visitors and residents have enjoyed a holiday tradition that is truly magical: we’re talking, of course, about the Lighted Boat Parade at Boot Key Harbor! In just three days– mark your calendars, this  Saturday you won’t want to miss the parade!– boats of all sizes and shapes will don their finest lighted finery and parade through the harbor in a festival of twinkling merriment. (Great viewing points include Lazy Days South, the Marathon Marina, Sombrero Dockside Lounge and Burdine’s Waterfront…all just short car rides away from our own Marathon hotel.)
This event starts at dusk, near 5 p.m, and is fun for the whole family. So grab the kids this Saturday and head on over to watch the boats go by! You’ll be glad you did.
For more information, email CapnGreg@BootKeyHarbor.com
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Marathon Community Theater presents: Nana’s Naughty Knickers

There’s  big event coming this week and we know you can’t wait to attend.

No, not that big event.

We’re talking about one with a little less turkey and more… naughty grandmothers.

Specifically: The Marathon Community Theatre’s imminent show, Nana’s Naughty Knickers, opening the 23rd of November.

Bring the family to this hilarious play which follows one wide-eyed granddaughter and her lingerie selling, laughter inducing grandmother– who just happens to be running an illegal lingerie business out of her apartment. Root for Nana as she avoids eviction (and arrest!) and fall in love right alongside her granddaughter, Bridget, whose police officer love interest threatens to undo the whole operation!

This hysterical romp is limited to just a few performances, so get your tickets now before they’re all sold out. For more information, visit http://www.marathontheater.org/ or call the box office at 305-743-0994. Remember: our front desk agents here at Tranquility Bay are always happy to assist you in booking any activities around Marathon that you or your family might want to attend. Just swing by the front desk and let us know!


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Thanksgiving at Tranquility Bay

Did you know that our on-site restaurant, The Butterfly Cafe, does an incredible Thanksgiving Day spread?

Never mind the fact that it’s the highest rated restaurant in Marathon…we’ve just got two words for you: No clean-up.

With all the classic dishes you remember– and a few new ones we’re sure you’ll love– Thanksgiving dinner at The Butterfly Cafe is the perfect way to sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones without any of the usual stress and mess. And with seating as early as 3:00pm you’ll have plenty of time to get back home before the post-turkey sleepiness kicks in.

This Thanksgiving, why not give Mom a break and treat her to an incredible gourmet holiday feast– we’ll provide the sumptuous spread, tropical atmosphere and we’ll even do the dishes afterwards.

To book your reservation for Thanksgiving day, call 305-289-7177.

And if you could, please save some of the sweet potatoes for us– they’re our favorite.

Happy Holidays!

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Weekend Weather Report for Marathon


When you live someplace tropical, anything less than 85 degrees can feel a little chilly. This weekend, we’re throwing on a cozy sweater before we head out on the water. It appears that winter may have finally arrived here in the Keys– or at least, the later days of autumn. In any case, the sweltering temperatures we felt a few weeks ago have been replaced with cooler, crisper weather that makes us want to go exploring outside (and by exploring, we mean fishing. Definitely.)

The forecast for this weekend looks good, with party cloudy skies throughout and temperatures in the mid-to-high 70’s range. Sunday looks to be the hottest, so if you’re deciding on which day might be best for lazing by the pool or beach, that’s our pick.

Winds are expected to stay in their currently gusty state, with gusts of up to 20mph expected by Sunday. (Perhaps not the best weekend to go sailing if you’re not a bit adventurous.)

As always, stop by the front desk at Tranquility Bay if you need suggestions for fun activities for you and your family.

Here’s the weather roundup:

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