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Fishing Report: Night Fishing in Marathon

Night fishing is a great way to get out of the summer heat and explore a completely different fishing experience, one which can sometimes be more productive than day time. Traditionally, night fishing is based on hunting down swordfish, but in recent years more and more people are venturing out to the reefs at night, pulling in consistently good catches– all while avoiding the threat of scorched shoulders. Grouper, large Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail, Amber Jacks and Mangrove Snapper are all available at night, as well as infrequent Kingfish, Cobia, Sharks and Wahoo. Reef fish behave in much the same way during the night as daytime, although your chum line should be augmented with a light for some species.  Along bridges you will also find an active nighttime fishery, with Tarpon heading the class, but also some Bonefish and your usual mix of Snapper.   Always prepare in advance for night fishing, as getting rigged up in the dark can both be dangerous and difficult.  Have fun out there!

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July Fishing Report

Right now is one of the most diverse times of year for fisheries in the deep ocean and close to shore.  During daylight hours there are great bites of tuna and marlin in the open ocean, while close to shore yellowtail and tarpon are still available in pretty good numbers.  The heat of the day makes night fishing more attractive this time of year, and luckily there are currently plenty of night bites from mutton snapper, mangrove snapper and yellowtail.  Shark fishing is at a peak right now, its suggested to always keep a bait ready incase a monster comes to investigate,  you could hook into a world class fight.

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