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Lobster Mini-Season in Marathon

Lobster Sport Mini-Season, everyone’s favorite two-day event where lobster fishing is open for a small window of time before the regular season (and commercial fisherman are excluded) is officially under way– and the crowds out on the water are growing by the minute! The weather is perfect, the water is warm and the lobsters are waiting to be snatched up. This popular event is always held on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of each year–- so what are you waiting for? Get out there and grab some bugs! The season ends at precisely midnight on Thursday, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

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Mini Lobster Season

One of the Florida Key’s most frenetic and delicious anual traditions is the Mini Lobster Season.  Each year for two days in July, this year on the 27th-28th, the Florida lobster season reopens and thousands of boats head out in search of lobster.  The whole of Monroe County will be teeming with divers and boaters searching for adult florida lobster.  This years limit is 6 per day, and measuring devices will be required on all boats along with a fishing licence and lobster endorsement.

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