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The “Battle in the Bay” Dragon Boat Festival is back!

You won’t want to miss this May 12th event, which is free to watch and fun for the whole family. These authentic dragon boat beach-launch races are unique to Marathon, where the “Battle in the Bay” has been celebrated for four years. This high-action 400 meter race benefits local charities and offers all-day fun for people of all ages, including a special performance of traditional Japanese Taiko drumming– truly out of this world!

For event day information, directions, and photos, visit: http://www.battleinthebay.org/
Or call Karen Bowers at 305-766-1053.

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Tranquility Bay memories contest Winner

Congratulations to Megan McGowan Wilson for her winning entry in our Tranquility Bay memories contest.  We loved her story about dolphins visiting while she and her son kayak infront of the resort.  We will post her entry below, and over the next couple weeks will post some of our favorite photos and entries.  This contest was tons of fun, thank you to everyone who participated!

Winning entry by Megan McGowan Wilson:

I loved my Tranquility Bay visit more than any other place I’ve been and have so many incredible memories from that vacation, but the one I hold above all others is from our kayak trip. I took my 7 year old son out for a quick little paddle in the Gulf. We were still directly behind the resort when we saw some black shapes out in the water. We watched for a few minutes when we realized they were dolphins. I paddled towards them and when we were about 10 yards away I stopped and lifted out the paddle. The dolphins swam toward the kayak. Two jumped up in the air and dove into the water right beside us and the third dolphin swam right at the boat, stopping just short. It stuck its head out, nosed the side of the boat and looked right at my little boy. I think they both were staring at each other in amazement! The dolphin dove under the boat and we didn’t see them again until they were at least 50 yards away and jumping in the air again. It was the most magical experience I’ve ever had and getting to share it with my child makes it so much more special. Thank You Tranquility Bay!

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