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Fishing Report

As we move through June the fishing continues to be excellent, with schools of Dolphin in abundance and bigger fish periodically rewarding the patient angler. Wahoo of 10-20 pounds are being caught as they continue to shadow the Dolphin schools– this is a fish that will embroil any angler in a seriously high speed fight, so keep an eye out. Shark season goes all the way through the summer, but right now in particular there are some very large fish being spotted.  Forecasted rain may slightly affect the reef fish bite over the next couple of days, but look for large Grouper, Muttons, Yellowtail and spawning Mangrove Snapper all month.  The Mangrove Snapper are currently in the reefs and feeding hard at night, a type of fishing that comes with its own challenges but can be extremely rewarding.

As always, arrangements for a local charter can be made by speaking to your friendly Tranquility Bay front desk agent.

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Mark your calendars: 26th Annual Father’s Day Dolphin Derby is this week!

Now only four days away, this immensely popular one-day fishing tournament includes up to $10,000 awarded for first place, with many other prizes and cash awards. In addition to celebrating dad’s favorite holiday, the tournament benefits local fundraising and support groups– a great all-around reason to apply. Cash prizes grow with every new boat entry, so get registered fast! Up to six anglers per boat can fish. Registrations must be in by June 15 at the captain’s meeting kickoff event. To learn more, contact Jack Carlson at 305-289-0199
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Fishing Report: Night Fishing in Marathon

Night fishing is a great way to get out of the summer heat and explore a completely different fishing experience, one which can sometimes be more productive than day time. Traditionally, night fishing is based on hunting down swordfish, but in recent years more and more people are venturing out to the reefs at night, pulling in consistently good catches– all while avoiding the threat of scorched shoulders. Grouper, large Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail, Amber Jacks and Mangrove Snapper are all available at night, as well as infrequent Kingfish, Cobia, Sharks and Wahoo. Reef fish behave in much the same way during the night as daytime, although your chum line should be augmented with a light for some species.  Along bridges you will also find an active nighttime fishery, with Tarpon heading the class, but also some Bonefish and your usual mix of Snapper.   Always prepare in advance for night fishing, as getting rigged up in the dark can both be dangerous and difficult.  Have fun out there!

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Fishing update

Fishing in Marathon has been good as of recently, but conditions point to it getting much better. It’s Grouper season now, so individuals interested in reef fishing can count on 1-3 nice grouper, good Yellowtail bite and all the 3lb-7lb Mangrove Snapper you can pull in. While there are big Mahi-Mahi (dolphin) around, they have been spotted way out in deep water, so expect to be mired in small fish (called chicken or schoolies) if you aren’t following floating debris in deep water. Wahoo and other big predators have been caught out deep as well, so look for multiple species.  In the flats, the Permit are back from the their spawning and are hunting crab voraciously, as well as good numbers of Tarpon and Bonefish all over.

Talk to the front desk agents about booking a charter with one of our recommended local companies– you really can’t go wrong in this weather.

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Fishing Report

This week’s fishing reports have arrived and they certainly look promising.

The steady rise in water temperature means that all our favorite summer species are beginning to show up in large numbers. Bonefish and tarpon bite are on hard at the moment, both on the fly and on spinning rods. We’ve also been told that Permit are being caught consistently, both by those targeting them specifically and by those who’ve caught them accidently while fishing for other species. One of the best species to fish for at the moment is Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), with schools being found along weed-lines and big fish showing up all over in blue water.  Contrary to a few weeks ago, Sailfish aren’t being seen with as much frequency, but some are still getting hooked after limiting out on other species.

All in all it’s a great time to be out on the water– so what are you waiting for? Go fishing!

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Fishing Report

Here in Marathon the fishing is heating up almost as fast as the temperature! The scramble for big grouper began May 1st when the season opened, with most boats reporting limits being met on every trip out.  All of the grouper species seem to be getting a big boost from the stricter rules that were recently put into place, with average catches ringing in as significantly larger than they were just three years ago. Dolphin (also known as Mahi-Mahi) are reported to be running hard along the offshore weedlines, with scoolies as well as bigger fish sighted in abundance.  Sailfish are also being reported as plentiful, thanks to the warmer weather which results in bold striking of live bait and jumping wildly when hooked.  Almost all local charters have reported between 10 and 30 releases a day, which even for this time of year is spectacular.

What are you waiting for? Grab your gear and get on out there! If you’re at a loss as to which charter best fits your needs or simply need directions to the nearest bait shop, ask one of the helpful front desk agents at Tranquility Bay. They’ll point you in the right direction!

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6th Annual Mother’s Day Dolphin Tournament

Celebrate mom the old fashioned way– by winning her a big cash prize!

On May 11th and 12th, 2012, join some of the best anglers in the Keys as they vie for $15,000 in cash and prizes, with a $5,000 prize to the heaviest fish!
Registrants are invited to participate in a mandatory captain’s meeting on the evening of May 11th, after which the tournament begins the following morning at a prompt 7:30am. This 8-hour Dolphin-only tournament benefits the Habitat for Humanity Middle Keys chapter. Each $200.00 angler fee (with a $15.00 discount if you register online!) includes entry, one meal ticket for both the Captain’s Dinner and the Awards Banquet, a long sleeve tournament shirt and one goodie bag. Additional meal tickets may be purchased for each event.

Registration continues through May 11th at the Captain’s Meeting or online at: http://habitatmiddlekeys.org/habitatwebsite02_14_2012_018.htm

For more information, contact Christine Todd Young at 305-797-5779, or email:  ExecDirector@HabitatMiddleKeys.org

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6th Annual Marathon Offshore Bull and Cow Dolphin Tournament

On May 4-6th, come take part or watch in fascination as talented anglers vie for more than $25,000 in cash & prizes! This is a boat team event with seven different division; teams of up to six anglers can register. Awards of up to $10,000 will be given for the largest bull and cow combined – as well as cash prizes for wahoo, tuna and tripletail, grouper and snapper division winners.

For more information, contact Jack Carlson or Byron Goss at 305-289-0199.

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Today’s Weather at Tranquility Bay

It is 61°F right now at Tranquility Bay, but is expected to reach 70°F by midday. The unusually cold weather we have been having looks like it is about to depart, starting tomorrow we will be back into the mid 70’s.  There is a 13mph wind from the northeast right now, although that is also supposed to die down later in the day.  This week should be a steller time to go fishing, as the water warms up predator species increase activity, and after this cold snap they should be hungry.  Sunset tonight is at 6:20, and the moon is 62% waning gibbous, so there will be plenty of light for night fishing.

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July Fishing Report

Right now is one of the most diverse times of year for fisheries in the deep ocean and close to shore.  During daylight hours there are great bites of tuna and marlin in the open ocean, while close to shore yellowtail and tarpon are still available in pretty good numbers.  The heat of the day makes night fishing more attractive this time of year, and luckily there are currently plenty of night bites from mutton snapper, mangrove snapper and yellowtail.  Shark fishing is at a peak right now, its suggested to always keep a bait ready incase a monster comes to investigate,  you could hook into a world class fight.

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