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Fishing Report

For those of you looking to get out on the water, you’re certainly in for a treat: reef fishing is at a season high right now, with Mutton, Mangrove and Yellowtail Snapper being hauled in at astonishing rates. Local charters are reporting that the Snapper bite is good around the clock– which means that now’s a great time to try out night fishing, everyone’s favorite way to beat the heat and still take home some prize catches. While offshore fishing is also excellent now, with Mahi Mahi being pulled in regularly, the reef fishing is truly spectacular and anglers of all skill levels will definitely enjoy the rod-bending bites they’re sure to get from some of the best fighting (and tasting) fish out there!

As always, feel free to talk to the front desk at Tranquility Bay about setting up a charter or gear rental– they’ll be happy to send you in the right direction.

Happy fishing!

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Marathon Fishing Report

If there’s one good thing about stormy weather (and believe us, we’re looking for any bright spot in this sea of gloom) it’s that after the storm passes and the squall is over, the fishing is always especially excellent. After the last 10 days of rain and wind the fishing report for the next week looks fantastic, with Dolphin and Tuna being found in abundance offshore, while inshore catches of Grouper, Jacks and Snapper (as well as sharks) are being reported as very good. As always, if you’re at a loss as to which style of fishing or charter boat is right for you and your family, stop in at our front desk at ask one of our Tranquility Bay agents to assist you in choosing the right trip! Our staff is knowledgeable and would love to help.

Good luck out there…

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Fishing Report: Night Fishing in Marathon

Night fishing is a great way to get out of the summer heat and explore a completely different fishing experience, one which can sometimes be more productive than day time. Traditionally, night fishing is based on hunting down swordfish, but in recent years more and more people are venturing out to the reefs at night, pulling in consistently good catches– all while avoiding the threat of scorched shoulders. Grouper, large Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail, Amber Jacks and Mangrove Snapper are all available at night, as well as infrequent Kingfish, Cobia, Sharks and Wahoo. Reef fish behave in much the same way during the night as daytime, although your chum line should be augmented with a light for some species.  Along bridges you will also find an active nighttime fishery, with Tarpon heading the class, but also some Bonefish and your usual mix of Snapper.   Always prepare in advance for night fishing, as getting rigged up in the dark can both be dangerous and difficult.  Have fun out there!

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Fishing update

Fishing in Marathon has been good as of recently, but conditions point to it getting much better. It’s Grouper season now, so individuals interested in reef fishing can count on 1-3 nice grouper, good Yellowtail bite and all the 3lb-7lb Mangrove Snapper you can pull in. While there are big Mahi-Mahi (dolphin) around, they have been spotted way out in deep water, so expect to be mired in small fish (called chicken or schoolies) if you aren’t following floating debris in deep water. Wahoo and other big predators have been caught out deep as well, so look for multiple species.  In the flats, the Permit are back from the their spawning and are hunting crab voraciously, as well as good numbers of Tarpon and Bonefish all over.

Talk to the front desk agents about booking a charter with one of our recommended local companies– you really can’t go wrong in this weather.

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December Flats Fishing

December is one of the most interesting times of year to fish the Florida Keys, as the water cools down species move to their winter habitats and colder water fish begin to apear in the area.  In the flats this season is defined by barracuda, which is one of the most explosive fights available, particularly on the fly.  Anyone who likes northern pike or muskies is sure to love the vicious takes and wild jumps of a “Cuda”.  There are still good numbers of young and mature tarpon around, although they are generally found near bridges and in channels this time of year, instead of out on the flats. Permit are still being caught in good numbers also, but not like in the summer.  This is a great time of year for anglers from the north who might find the 70 degree weather more hospitable than other times of year, particularly when there is no breeze.

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