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Thanksgiving at Tranquility Bay

Did you know that our on-site restaurant, The Butterfly Cafe, does an incredible Thanksgiving Day spread?

Never mind the fact that it’s the highest rated restaurant in Marathon…we’ve just got two words for you: No clean-up.

With all the classic dishes you remember– and a few new ones we’re sure you’ll love– Thanksgiving dinner at The Butterfly Cafe is the perfect way to sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones without any of the usual stress and mess. And with seating as early as 3:00pm you’ll have plenty of time to get back home before the post-turkey sleepiness kicks in.

This Thanksgiving, why not give Mom a break and treat her to an incredible gourmet holiday feast– we’ll provide the sumptuous spread, tropical atmosphere and we’ll even do the dishes afterwards.

To book your reservation for Thanksgiving day, call 305-289-7177.

And if you could, please save some of the sweet potatoes for us– they’re our favorite.

Happy Holidays!

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Recreate a little bit of Paradise at home!

Here at Tranquility Bay, we pride ourselves on the little things– individualistic touches here and there that remind our guests that they are somewhere special. One of the places we feel that our hotel really shines in this matter is at the Butterfly Cafe, where our chefs and bartenders work tirelessly to bring our guests inventive, delicious cuisine and beverage options in a relaxed, friendly setting. Leave the greasy burgers and tired fish sandwiches to some of our competitors; we take pride in offering fresh, innovative menu options that strike the perfect balance between comfort and tropical flair.

Our current obsession? The Butterfly Martini, a scrumptious blend of coconut rum, raspberry vodka, vanilla liqueur, cranberry juice, orange juice and fresh squeezed lime juice. Topped with a “butterfly” of fruit, we think every sip is exceptional.

Try one today, or mix one up at home and remember: Tranquility Bay is just a martini away!

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Memorial Day

For us, the best part of Memorial Day Weekend has always been relaxing around a BBQ with an ice cold drink, surrounded by friends and family. It’s an American tradition that is hard to let go of– even if you’re currently holed up in paradise. So, this weekend, why not head over to Sombrero Beach and grill up a few burgers in their public, grassy BBQ pits? With plentiful parking, picnic seating and a crisp, clear ocean just steps away, it’s the perfect place to celebrate the holiday while not sacrificing the ambiance of your vacation. So grab a couple of burgers, pile into the car and head on over! And if you’re still craving a little celebratory cheer, we think the Butterfly Martini at The Butterfly Cafe is the perfect end to a long day at the beach.

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Mother’s Day is almost here — make your reservation now!

Why not tell mom just how much she means to you by treating her to dinner at Tranquility Bay’s own fabulous restaurant, The Butterfly Cafe? With a special Mother’s Day menu featuring delicious favorites like creamy lobster ravioli, lump crab cakes and even coconut-almond crusted Yellowtail Snapper, it’s a meal that mom is sure to remember for years to come. Voted the #1 restaurant in Marathon, Florida by TripAdvisor, The Butterfly Cafe offers fine dining in a relaxed, breezy atmosphere.

Being a Mom today is no easy task. So for all the mothers in your life, show them you care by making your reservation now– before it’s too late! Leave the elaborate flower arrangements and last-minute chocolates alone and give mom something she’ll really love: a delicious meal with her family, the memory of which she’ll be able to treasure forever.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Tranquility Bay!  We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday, be sure to come over and try our St. Patty’s special menu at TJ’s tiki bar and Butterfly Cafe.

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Special St. Patrick’s Day menu available at Tranquility Bay

Join us on St. Patrick’s Day and sample our delicious St. Patrick’s Day menu at the Butterfly Cafe and TJ’s Tiki Bar.

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