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Have you tried the Conch Chowder at The Butterfly Cafe?

Everyone who visits the Keys soon learns how important the conch is to our culture here. Also known as the Conch Republic, the Keys have a storied history with this giant mollusk. Originally used as a way for seafaring settlers to signal one another (try blowing one as a horn– it’s harder than it seems!) the conch has become so entrenched in the culture of the Keys that residents who are born here are actually referred to as Conchs. And while the conch you eat in the Keys is certainly shipped here from elsewhere (the ones grown in the Keys are now protected and cannot be fished) you’ll certainly love the balanced, subtle taste and enjoy knowing you’re eating a little bit of local history! We think the Conch Chowder at the Butterfly Cafe is┬ádivine, and the perfect way to introduce yourself to this special ingredient.

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