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Friday Forecast

Though it’s mostly cloudy now, with temperatures that feel closer to the 90’s than the 80’s, today’s forecast looks promising. Clouds look to be moving off, and while the chance of precipitation is still hovering at about 30%, winds are looking milder than they were at the beginning of the week. Today’s looking like a great day to get out on the water, with the partial clouds offering a respite from the sun as temperatures stay sweltering. As the fishing stays top-notch, now is a great time to get out there and start throwing lines into the water. If you don’t have your gear or would like a more specialized day of fishing, ask the staff at Tranquility Bay’s front desk to recommend a charter! And don’t forget to load up on the sunscreen today– cloudy skies will still dole out a scorching sunburn if you’re not careful.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Marathon Fishing Report

If there’s one good thing about stormy weather (and believe us, we’re looking for any bright spot in this sea of gloom) it’s that after the storm passes and the squall is over, the fishing is always especially excellent. After the last 10 days of rain and wind the fishing report for the next week looks fantastic, with Dolphin and Tuna being found in abundance offshore, while inshore catches of Grouper, Jacks and Snapper (as well as sharks) are being reported as very good. As always, if you’re at a loss as to which style of fishing or charter boat is right for you and your family, stop in at our front desk at ask one of our Tranquility Bay agents to assist you in choosing the right trip! Our staff is knowledgeable and would love to help.

Good luck out there…

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Iguanas at Tranquility Bay

A few days ago, one of our younger guests dropped off a lovely note at the front desk here at Tranquility Bay. The note contained a list of names he felt should be given to our resident iguanas– and made the wonderfully good point that if cats have names, so should iguanas. We are delighted to share this note with you now, and are happy to assign the names to our iguana family.

Can you spot any of these iguanas on property? Take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you.

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Fishing Report

As we move through June the fishing continues to be excellent, with schools of Dolphin in abundance and bigger fish periodically rewarding the patient angler. Wahoo of 10-20 pounds are being caught as they continue to shadow the Dolphin schools– this is a fish that will embroil any angler in a seriously high speed fight, so keep an eye out. Shark season goes all the way through the summer, but right now in particular there are some very large fish being spotted.  Forecasted rain may slightly affect the reef fish bite over the next couple of days, but look for large Grouper, Muttons, Yellowtail and spawning Mangrove Snapper all month.  The Mangrove Snapper are currently in the reefs and feeding hard at night, a type of fishing that comes with its own challenges but can be extremely rewarding.

As always, arrangements for a local charter can be made by speaking to your friendly Tranquility Bay front desk agent.

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Weather Report: Weekend of 6/14 – 6/17

Today’s weather looks beautiful, with calm winds and partial-to-mostly sunny skies scheduled for the remainder of the day. It’s a beautiful day to be out on the water, especially for those who might be partial to seasickness when the waters are choppy. Swells should be quite small today, so now is a great time to take that JetSki out for a spin!

Tomorrow will certainly be a scorcher, after which scattered thunderstorms & showers might stick around for the weekend. So take advantage of the beautiful weather today and tomorrow! You’ll be glad you did.

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Another beautiful day at Tranquility Bay comes to an end…

Is there a more perfect way to spend a lazy evening? We submit that there is not! Winding down the day at TJ’s with an icy drink and our loved ones around us, we’re certainly thankful that such a beautiful place exists– and that we’re fortunate enough to be able to share it. Enjoy the evening!

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Beautiful day at Tranquility Bay

It’s lunch time here at Tranquility Bay and the weather couldn’t be better… beautiful beach, beautiful sunny day, beautiful tiki bar! Definitely a good time to swing by TJ’s and grab a sandwich and a tropical drink. We’ll see you there!

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Mark your calendars: 26th Annual Father’s Day Dolphin Derby is this week!

Now only four days away, this immensely popular one-day fishing tournament includes up to $10,000 awarded for first place, with many other prizes and cash awards. In addition to celebrating dad’s favorite holiday, the tournament benefits local fundraising and support groups– a great all-around reason to apply. Cash prizes grow with every new boat entry, so get registered fast! Up to six anglers per boat can fish. Registrations must be in by June 15 at the captain’s meeting kickoff event. To learn more, contact Jack Carlson at 305-289-0199
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Have you tried the Conch Chowder at The Butterfly Cafe?

Everyone who visits the Keys soon learns how important the conch is to our culture here. Also known as the Conch Republic, the Keys have a storied history with this giant mollusk. Originally used as a way for seafaring settlers to signal one another (try blowing one as a horn– it’s harder than it seems!) the conch has become so entrenched in the culture of the Keys that residents who are born here are actually referred to as Conchs. And while the conch you eat in the Keys is certainly shipped here from elsewhere (the ones grown in the Keys are now protected and cannot be fished) you’ll certainly love the balanced, subtle taste and enjoy knowing you’re eating a little bit of local history! We think the Conch Chowder at the Butterfly Cafe is divine, and the perfect way to introduce yourself to this special ingredient.

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Weather forecast for the weekend…

Today through Sunday, June 10th the forecast here in Marathon is calling for sunny skies punctuated by the occasional thunderstorm. Temperatures should be high in the 80’s, with the UV index hovering between 8 and 9. That means that high SPFs are a good idea, as well as a wide-brim hat or cover-up if you plan on spending time out by the pool (we certainly would!) As always, stay hydrated and remember to take a break from the sun every few hours…we suggest ducking into the Tiki bar for a cold drink or two. As always, enjoy your vacation and don’t hesitate to let the staff of Tranquility Bay know if there’s anything you need!

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