Spotlight on: Sombrero Beach

Nestled away from Highway One is arguably one of the nicest beaches in the Florida Keys: Marathon’s own Sombrero Beach, located at mile-marker 50. With a remote-feeling location away from traffic that is quiet and pristine, Sombrero beach is the perfect place to while away the hours of your Marathon vacation. Free to enter, it has large parking areas and hosts facilities that are modern, spotless and attractive. Try a leisurely swim in pristine, calm waters or lay back and dig your toes into the soft, white sand. The adjoining park offers picnic benches, shade areas, nice bathrooms, volleyball courts, outdoor showers and stunning oceanside views. In addition, after a 2001 redevelopment by the city of Marathon, the beach now offers full handicap accessibility. Sombrero beach is surrounded by water on both its south and west side, giving visitors ample room to stretch out and feel secluded in their own private oasis. Be sure to stay late and catch the famous Keys sunset from the west side, where views are truly picturesque!

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