Sanctuary Friends in Focus Film Series Presents: Sharks At Risk

This Thursday, May 10th, from 6:30 to 8:30 visitors are invited to participate in the most recent offering from Marathon’s own Friends in Focus, a monthly series of lectures and films co-sponsored by the Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys. The film series is free of charge and welcomes all who are interested in learning more about marine life and the beautiful but fragile ecosystem we have here in the Keys.

“Sharks at Risk” paints a compelling portrait of the illustrious predator, feared for centuries and often misunderstood. These powerful creatures play a vital role in the delicate ecosystem of the ocean. Modern fishing practices have greatly diminished the sharks’ populations and habitat, causing a dramatic upset in the natural balance of the ocean. Bring family & friends to this hard-hitting, beautiful film to learn more about sharks and their essential role in our world.

Located at the Marathon Power Squadron Education Building, 12 Loggerhead Lane in Marathon, FL. For more information, call 305-289-2288 or email

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