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Recreate a little bit of Paradise at home!

Here at Tranquility Bay, we pride ourselves on the little things– individualistic touches here and there that remind our guests that they are somewhere special. One of the places we feel that our hotel really shines in this matter is at the Butterfly Cafe, where our chefs and bartenders work tirelessly to bring our guests inventive, delicious cuisine and beverage options in a relaxed, friendly setting. Leave the greasy burgers and tired fish sandwiches to some of our┬ácompetitors; we take pride in offering fresh, innovative menu options that strike the perfect balance between comfort and tropical flair.

Our current obsession? The Butterfly Martini, a scrumptious blend of coconut rum, raspberry vodka, vanilla liqueur, cranberry juice, orange juice and fresh squeezed lime juice. Topped with a “butterfly” of fruit, we think every sip is exceptional.

Try one today, or mix one up at home and remember: Tranquility Bay is just a martini away!

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