Daily Archives: May 25, 2012

Fishing update

Fishing in Marathon has been good as of recently, but conditions point to it getting much better. It’s Grouper season now, so individuals interested in reef fishing can count on 1-3 nice grouper, good Yellowtail bite and all the 3lb-7lb Mangrove Snapper you can pull in. While there are big Mahi-Mahi (dolphin) around, they have been spotted way out in deep water, so expect to be mired in small fish (called chicken or schoolies) if you aren’t following floating debris in deep water. Wahoo and other big predators have been caught out deep as well, so look for multiple species.  In the flats, the Permit are back from the their spawning and are hunting crab voraciously, as well as good numbers of Tarpon and Bonefish all over.

Talk to the front desk agents about booking a charter with one of our recommended local companies– you really can’t go wrong in this weather.

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