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Spotlight on: Seven Mile Bridge

One of the longest bridges in existence when it was built, the Seven Mile Bridge has a storied history. If you’ve driven across it (or swam beneath it!) you’ve surely noticed a second, ghost bridge off to the side. This is the original bridge, also known as the Knights Key-Pigeon Key-Moser Channel-Pacet Channel Bridge, and was constructed from 1909-1912 under the direction of Henry Flagler as part of the historic Overseas Railroad. The old bridge, no longer functional, now serves as a popular fishing & sunset watching spot and is home to a wide variety of wildlife– from fish and manatees to birds and butterflies, it’s certainly an important ruin here in Marathon. Its replacement, constructed from 1978 to 1982, is actually a bit shorter than the original: clocking in at 6.79 miles, it has served as the setting for multiple television and movie scenes, as well as the annual “Seven Mile Bridge Run,” in which 1,500 runners traverse its scorching pavement, a thirty-one year tradition!

Famously long and complemented by endless water views on either side, the Seven Mile Bridge is one of South Florida’s most-loved landmarks. If you find yourself zooming across it one evening, you could be in luck: it’s one of the best places to catch the sunset here in Marathon. Time your journey right and you’ll remember the trip for years to come. It’s truly wonderful.

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Recreate a little bit of Paradise at home!

Here at Tranquility Bay, we pride ourselves on the little things– individualistic touches here and there that remind our guests that they are somewhere special. One of the places we feel that our hotel really shines in this matter is at the Butterfly Cafe, where our chefs and bartenders work tirelessly to bring our guests inventive, delicious cuisine and beverage options in a relaxed, friendly setting. Leave the greasy burgers and tired fish sandwiches to some of our competitors; we take pride in offering fresh, innovative menu options that strike the perfect balance between comfort and tropical flair.

Our current obsession? The Butterfly Martini, a scrumptious blend of coconut rum, raspberry vodka, vanilla liqueur, cranberry juice, orange juice and fresh squeezed lime juice. Topped with a “butterfly” of fruit, we think every sip is exceptional.

Try one today, or mix one up at home and remember: Tranquility Bay is just a martini away!

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Fishing update

Fishing in Marathon has been good as of recently, but conditions point to it getting much better. It’s Grouper season now, so individuals interested in reef fishing can count on 1-3 nice grouper, good Yellowtail bite and all the 3lb-7lb Mangrove Snapper you can pull in. While there are big Mahi-Mahi (dolphin) around, they have been spotted way out in deep water, so expect to be mired in small fish (called chicken or schoolies) if you aren’t following floating debris in deep water. Wahoo and other big predators have been caught out deep as well, so look for multiple species.  In the flats, the Permit are back from the their spawning and are hunting crab voraciously, as well as good numbers of Tarpon and Bonefish all over.

Talk to the front desk agents about booking a charter with one of our recommended local companies– you really can’t go wrong in this weather.

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Memorial Day

For us, the best part of Memorial Day Weekend has always been relaxing around a BBQ with an ice cold drink, surrounded by friends and family. It’s an American tradition that is hard to let go of– even if you’re currently holed up in paradise. So, this weekend, why not head over to Sombrero Beach and grill up a few burgers in their public, grassy BBQ pits? With plentiful parking, picnic seating and a crisp, clear ocean just steps away, it’s the perfect place to celebrate the holiday while not sacrificing the ambiance of your vacation. So grab a couple of burgers, pile into the car and head on over! And if you’re still craving a little celebratory cheer, we think the Butterfly Martini at The Butterfly Cafe is the perfect end to a long day at the beach.

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Spotlight on: National Key Deer Refuge

A short 25 minute drive from your hotel room at Tranquility Bay lies an incredible 14-square mile nature preserve established to protect one of South Florida’s most treasured inhabitants: The Key Deer. Measuring under 30 inches tall, the Key Deer is a subset species of the White Tailed Deer that swims easily between islands and, after being hunted to the brink of extinction only a few decades ago, is now a protected endangered species native only to the Florida Keys. These diminutive creatures are usually friendly towards humans, but keep in mind: due to their protected status, it is a felony to feed them, to set out water or salt licks for them, or to touch them in any way!

Luckily, visitors who wish to view these spectacularly adorable animals may do so up close in a secure environment: The National Key Deer Refuge. Located at 28950 Watson Blvd., on Big Pine Key, the refuge offers a safe habitat for the deer to roam and feed, and provides ample viewing areas for families who wish to get a closer look at this elusive species. Come and visit with one of South Florida’s precious treasures– you’ll be glad you did.

For more information on the refuge, including directions, visit:

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Paradise Quilters Now On Display

Visit the Marathon Community Theatre this Thursday, May 24th, to view original artwork by members of the Paradise Quilters. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with the playhouse’s presentation of “Forever Plaid,” the family-friendly musical which runs through June 3rd.
Paradise Quilters, whose membership includes over 70 individuals from the Middle Keys to Key West, is dedicated to the quilting arts and holds this semi-annual quilt show as a major fundraiser. The event enables the group to bring nationally known quilting teachers to The Keys in order to introduce local quilters to new techniques and stimulate creativity. Come experience firsthand just how beautiful this creativity can be!
For more information, contact Bonnie Greenberg at 305-743-0408
Contact: Bonnie Greenberg at 305-743-0408
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Weather Forecast, Week of May 21-27

This week’s weather looks to be a continuation of last week’s fickle forecast, with scattered thunderstorms predicted to break up the sunshine for the next seven days. Tuesday looks to be one of the wettest, with a 60% chance of precipitation all day. Thursday should be clearer, and might be the perfect day to steal away to either Sombrero or Coco Plum beach  for a few rays of sun. Going into the weekend the rain looks to be sticking around, with precipitation hovering at about 50%. This is a great week to venture out with an umbrella and explore some of Marathon’s best sites, like the Dolphin Research Center or the Turtle Hospital. Or why not suit up and check out some of the great dive spots offshore? After all, a little rain never hurts if you’re busy underwater! We like the Tilden Scuba Center, which even offers dive classes for children.

To learn more about which activity might suit you and your family best, speak to your friendly front desk agents.

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Forever Plaid Tickets are selling out!

Just a reminder for those of you who will be in Marathon from May 24th – June 2nd: Forever Plaid, the 1950’s musical revue presented by the Marathon Community Theatre company, has tickets on sale for what’s sure to be a sold out run. This deliciously goofy revue stars local Keys community members whose talents for harmony and choreography are not to be missed, with family-friendly song choices that will leave you smiling.

For tickets, call 305-743-0994 or stop by the Marathon Community Theatre box office at 5101 Overseas Highway in Marathon, Florida, open from 11-5 pm daily.

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Tonight in Marathon: Freddie Bye

Voted the #1 bar in Marathon by “The Weekly,” the Brass Monkey continues to host some of Southern Florida’s favorite entertainment, with its May schedule shaping up to be one of the best in the bar’s history. Tonight, patrons can sit back and relax to the musical stylings of Freddie Bye, whose classic rock has entertained locals for years. Arrive early for Happy Hour from 4-8, and remember: What Happens At The Monkey, Stays At The Monkey.

The Brass Monkey is located at 234 55th St. Ocean, K-Mart Plaza, in Marathon, FL.

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Fishing Report

This week’s fishing reports have arrived and they certainly look promising.

The steady rise in water temperature means that all our favorite summer species are beginning to show up in large numbers. Bonefish and tarpon bite are on hard at the moment, both on the fly and on spinning rods. We’ve also been told that Permit are being caught consistently, both by those targeting them specifically and by those who’ve caught them accidently while fishing for other species. One of the best species to fish for at the moment is Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), with schools being found along weed-lines and big fish showing up all over in blue water.  Contrary to a few weeks ago, Sailfish aren’t being seen with as much frequency, but some are still getting hooked after limiting out on other species.

All in all it’s a great time to be out on the water– so what are you waiting for? Go fishing!

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