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Today’s Weather at Tranquility Bay

It’s 84°F and Sunny right now at Tranquility Bay, with some clouds at 2,000 feet covering the sun periodically.  It is supposed to get a bit warmer later in the day and stay nice at least until the weekend, when there may be some small thunder storms.  The ocean conditions are almost flat calm right now, with wind at 2mph with gust reaching barely 5mph.   Sunset tonight will be at 7:14pm, and it should be spectacular with the low pressure coming in at night.

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Turtle Hospital Video

The Turtle Hospital in Marathon is one of the best family attractions near our hotel (about a 2 minute walk away).  Marathon’s Turtle Hospital is the only licensed veterinary clinic in the world dedicated exclusively to treating sick and injured sea turtles.  Check out the great video below or stop by when you are here!

Turtle Hospital Video

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Today’s Weather at Tranquility Bay

It’s 89°F and mostly cloudy right now at Tranquility Bay.  Another week of variable weather is coming, with frequent thunderstorms for the next 7 days or so.  The temperatur will stay nice and warm, around 90° during the day and only slightly cooler at night.  No huge storms are predicted to hit the middle Keys that can be seen right now, but its always good to keep an eye on the weather this time of year.  Sunset is at 7:35 tonight, and should be really gorgeous with the light cloud cover right now.

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Florida Keys Fishing Links

Fall fishing in the Middle Keys is as diverse and exciting as most times of year, although the erratic weather makes it difficult to pinpoint what kinds of fishing will be hot.  Reports of good sized dolphin and black fin tuna have been coming in periodically, although the best catches have been at the reefs.  Yellowtail and mutton snapper have been coming in frequently, particularly on night trips.  A good guide to all of the florida angling species can be found on, it list all of the major species and where they can be found.

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